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Light Painting Tutorial using a Canon SD Series Camera

I’ve gotten a lot of great responses to my Light painting with the kids video. The reaction on Youtube is overwhelming. Over 30,000 hits and counting. A lot of people on there were asking how it’s done. I put together this quick tutorial on how to setup the Canon SD900. This feature is not limited only to this model but is available on most Canon Elph series point and shoot cameras.


Cali Style

This material is over a year old but never published. My coworkers and I had just arrived in Austin for NIWeek 2007. We were looking forward to a week of fun with other LabVIEW geeks.


Spaghetti Matrix

I was cooking dinner for the kids and a movie happened to be on. I was going back and forth between the TV and the stove.


Un-Cutting the Grass

This video is another experiment. Notice how the grass seems to be growing as I pass over it with the lawn mower?

Music: Trip Wamsley
Song: Sweet Algebur



The more videos I do for VloMo08, the more I realize that I love the concept of tapeless recording. The biggest benefit is that it’s much faster to transfer video to the the computer. That makes it less of a burden to get stuff out. Unfortunately I don’t have a great camera like that. Some day.

For now, here’s a quick video of one of our rituals. My wife combing my daughters hair.


Onyx Ashanti Grooves

Came across this cool cat at this years Maker Faire. His name is Onyx Ashanti and I can’t really describe what kind of instrument he’s playing but the whole contraption is very indicative of the types of inventions and gadgets you typically see at Maker Faire. Can’t wait until next year.

It seems i’m keeping up the pace with VloMo08. A video a day. Just getting stuff out there regardless of what I have.

PS. Ya, I know, this video isn’t related to Obama’s victory today. Hmm… well, if you consider this a victory song then well ya it is!


Kids welding at San Mateo Maker Faire 2008

I went with the kids to Maker Faire this year and it was a blast. If you have kids I highly recommend it. Where else can you get a chance to do arc welding?

There was a group of people there presenting a large metal sculpture they built of a woman with her hands outstretched. Every so often the sculpture would burtst into flames that originated from her beating heart. These same folks were doing demonstrations of arc welding and invited kids to come and try it themselves. My kids joined in the fun and got a great experience out of it.


California State Fair

This is my second video for VloMo08. I have to produce one video per day in the month of November. I’m digging through unpublished video and cobbling stuff together at this point. Daily video is a bitch when you care about the quality of the video and you want to leave an impression. The key to getting it done however is not really worrying about it.

This video taken on my Canon SD900 digital camera. The same one used in the previous Halloween video. We had gone to the California State Fair with the family. I try to stay clear of rides and anything moving faster than an elevator. Jasmine on the other hand, we soon discovered, was an adrenaline junkie. Who knew?


Night time trick or treating

Night time trick or treating