If you want to learn about me, watch my videos. This site is a combination of personal diary, video experimentation and family scrapbook. I don’t post here for anyone but myself. I don’t work in the film, movie or video industry and I’m currently not planning on getting into it either. It’s a lot easier to make videos with that mindset.

This website has not been updated in several years. Since this site went live, new personal sharing sites such as Facebook and Twitter have taken over and made personal websites like this one pretty much obsolete. However, I may start this site back up at some point in the future. Who knows.

  • I also have another website over here. It’s where I spend most of my time and is focussed on my profession and what I do for a living. Mainly software development and engineering. It’s called VI Shots.
  • My daughter and I started a fan podcast called The Walking Dead Girl. Check it out if you’re a fan of that TV show. I have a great time recording it and it’s a lot of fun. What do we talk about on the podcast? Well, zombies of course!
  • My wife is an excellent iOS software developer and has a great website for anyone who wants to learn how to program for the iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. She’s also available for custom app development services. Check it out at The App Lady.