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Kids playing at the park with dad

I decided to try something new. Limit my cuts to 5 seconds in length. Throw in some mushy music and voila! A time capsule of life that will make my kids cry when they watch it in 20 years.


Watching VloMo08 Videos

VloMo08 is currently taking place during the month of November. I’m doing my best to participate. Haven’t missed a day yet. I decided to catch up and watch a few on mefeedia.


3D Glasses

Random moment captured at NIWeek 2007 in Austin, Texas. Irene is being silly with these cool 3D glasses.


Light Painting Tutorial using a Canon SD Series Camera

I’ve gotten a lot of great responses to my Light painting with the kids video. The reaction on Youtube is overwhelming. Over 30,000 hits and counting. A lot of people on there were asking how it’s done. I put together this quick tutorial on how to setup the Canon SD900. This feature is not limited only to this model but is available on most Canon Elph series point and shoot cameras.


Cali Style

This material is over a year old but never published. My coworkers and I had just arrived in Austin for NIWeek 2007. We were looking forward to a week of fun with other LabVIEW geeks.


Spaghetti Matrix

I was cooking dinner for the kids and a movie happened to be on. I was going back and forth between the TV and the stove.


Un-Cutting the Grass

This video is another experiment. Notice how the grass seems to be growing as I pass over it with the lawn mower?

Music: Trip Wamsley
Song: Sweet Algebur


At the park, vlogging like Rupert

I’ve been watching twittervlog, off and on over the past year or two. The joy of watching it of course is Rupert. The amazing thing about it is it’s mostly done on his Nokia n93 phone. That’s also what makes his vlog work. It’s the quick immeadiacy of it all.



The more videos I do for VloMo08, the more I realize that I love the concept of tapeless recording. The biggest benefit is that it’s much faster to transfer video to the the computer. That makes it less of a burden to get stuff out. Unfortunately I don’t have a great camera like that. Some day.

For now, here’s a quick video of one of our rituals. My wife combing my daughters hair.



Running out of ideas for videos already and it’s only day 5 of Vlomo08. So I looked at my desk and saw a gyroscope toy I purchased recently from the Exploratorium store in San Francisco.

As a 9-10 year old kid living in Toronto, I loved going downtown to the Eatons and Simpsons stores. They always had the best toy displays and the coolest stuff. At Simpsons I was mesmerized by a demonstration of this cool gyroscope toy that could do, what appeared to me, some amazing tricks that defied the laws of physics.

I wanted that toy so bad that year. I never got it. I ran into it 30 years later and now, $6.50 later, it’s sitting on my desk. After palying with it however, I realized that it not so cool after all.

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